Stepp's Hillcrest Orchard
Meet the Apple Growers

Mike Stepp, has a passion for growing quality apples which he learned from his father, the late JH Stepp, who grew apples for over 7 decades in Henderson County and who was a leader in the apple industry. Mike and his family now continue the tradition his mother, Yvonne,  and father started in 1964. He takes great pride in the orchard and sharing it with familes who visit the farm.


JH Stepp blessed his family with more than 91 years of selfless leadership, love, and dedication. Prior to his passing in September 2011,  J.H. grew apples in Henderson County for 7 decades.   And, on any given day in the spring or summer you could find him mowing or spraying through rows of apple trees in his John Deere which he called his Cadillac. His love for farming and growing quality apples never dulled.  


170 Stepp Orchard Drive, Hendersonville, North Carolina, 28792, United States